The 5 Stage Purification Process


  • PP (Polyprelyne) – The coarse filtration filter is the first in contact with water to remove all impurities above 5 micron. These are rust, sand grains, and earth in the water.
  • CTO – (Chlorine, Taste, Odour) – This filter removes the chlorine that might be in the water, all manner of taste and odour in the water and makes it ready to go to the reverse osmosis
  • RO(Reverse Osmosis)– Here the water is totally broken down and all heavy metals, bacteria, organic chemical substances are totally.
  • Rear activated carbon filter (T33) – Active carbon at this stage adjust the taste of pure water, to ensure that  the final stage water is sweet and has good taste.

UV (Ultravioletlamp) – Finally, water is passes through the UV light that kills 99% of bacteria and inactivates many viruses ensuring you are drinking safe and tasty water.

Our machine allows for Hot, Normal and Cold water which is quite advantageous.

  • PP (Polyprelyne)
  • CTO( Chlorine ,Taste, Odour)
  • RO ( ReverseOsmosis)
  • Activated Carbon Filter(T33)
  • UV (Ultravioletlamp)